The Burgess Group (TBG) specializes in the use of life insurance premium finance as a wealth creation tool to:

  • solve estate planning challenges
  • facilitate charitable giving
  • build an asset protection and growth chassis for domestic as well as offshore clients

Its clients are US and non-US residents with a net worth in excess of $10,000,000, who also meet lenders' requirements with respect to liquidity, levels of debt and Know Your Customer.

TBG occupies a space where Insurance Carriers, Lending Institutions and Clients intersect. Through its wide network of referrals, TBG works closely with individuals, financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, trust companies and others to source clients.

To make sure that each life insurance premium financed case is appropriately understood and structured , TBG works with each client throughout the course of the transaction. TBG has experts in estate planning, product development, banking, estate law, operations and IT, all with unique backgrounds in the premium finance arena.

The principals of TBG:

  • work closely with each client to explain the long term benefits of premium finance and the associated risks
  • work closely with financial institutions to design strategies employing hedges and caps to mitigate many of the major risks
  • work closely with major insurance carriers to find the best life insurance products to fit each individual's objectives
  • work closely with all the serious funding programs offered by major institutions so as to provide maximum benefits and get cases closed
  • explore and adapt suitable lending platforms to match client profile
  • provide a full underwriting service
  • provide funding options tailored to each client's needs

TBG addresses major insurance, financial advisory and banking forums, long being recognized as the leader in this arena.

While TBG works within transaction models, the company realiizes that each case is different and each requires that special touch that comes from an association with experienced professionals. TBG is responsive, reliable and experienced.