A. Banks.

TBG has created alliances with prominent Banks creating a global network. The Banks who have partnered with TBG create a client-centered transaction. The objective is not debt servicing but rather is to develop a relationship with the client. To further this end, collateral strategies are carefully crafted to manage collateral performance. Furthermore, the Banks allied with TBG are committed to the premium financed structure. The loan terms are designed to keep the insured as a client for his or her lifetime.

B. Tax & Legal.

TBG has aligned its financing model with prominent tax and legal specialists in a family office model. In this way, all tax planning and wealth preservation strategies can be coordinated. TBG works with these tax and legal advisors to help create exit strategies designed to pay off or retire loan balances prior to death.

Because of this alliance, these advanced wealth transfer concepts can be ghostwritten by the specialists and provided through the client's personal attorney to create a seamless end product. When combined with the financing of life insurance premiums, these wealth-shifting techniques result in huge savings in gift tax, estate tax, income tax, inheritance tax and generation skipping tax while the client takes advantage of discounted borrowing and high yield earning.

C. Insurance Companies.

TBG works directly with select Insurance Carriers, developing products and establishing underwriting concessions in favor of TBG clients. The premium finance model has been pre-approved by our carriers and is readily distinguishable from investor-owned life insurance models most carriers disfavor.

D. Back Office

TBG has a large back office to support medical underwriting and financial underwriting. With the assistance of our back office team, a large volume of cases can continue to be managed efficiently.