Charitable Planning

One of the most unique aspects of working with The Burgess Group is the advantage of creating and enhancing altruistic benefits. The Burgess Group helps clients develop planned giving opportunities.

Global citizens are becoming increasingly aware of civic obligations - particularly once they feel their family's wealth is secure.

Charitable giving is a key component of a significant portion of the plans we implement. As a consequence, The Burgess Group has been directly responsible for the actualization of over a billion dollars in gifts to date to universities, medical clinics, colleges and churches both domestically and internationally.


66 year-old husband, 53 year-old wife wanted to create a $100m endowment to a specific charity.

  • Purchased an $80m survivor life policy in which net death benefits exceeded $100m at projected life expectancy.
  • Charity recognized gift of $100m today.
  • Transaction was financed which eliminated a drain on clients' balance sheet.
  • Endowment benefit was almost 20 times what was required in collateral.

55 year-old client committed $5m donation to a specific university over ten-year period.

  • Created a gift that exceeded 10 times the original pledge with specially designed life insurance policy.
  • Policy was financed.
  • The original $5m pledge was used as collateral which maintained the client's ability to give that same amount to the university.
  • Client received a tax deduction on the $5m gift today.
  • Client continued to manage his own assets.

59 year-old client desired to make a $20m endowment gift along with $250k annual living benefit.

  • Insurance policy structured to provide minimum of $20m endowment to charity.
  • After tenth year, cash value build up supported annual cash distributions of $250k payable to the charity for the next 15 years.
  • Premiums and interest were financed.
  • Client's participation was posting collateral.
  • Personal assets remained on client's balance sheet.