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The Burgess Group specializes in wealth creation.

Clients of The Burgess Group (TBG) tap into a greater depth of wealth utilizing proprietary premium financed life insurance structures.

These specialized transactions allow high net worth individuals from around the world to finance large amounts of life insurance, funding and securing the loan primarily through the policy itself. These structures are of particular value in charitable, business and/or estate planning, providing a source of capital without interrupting the cash flow of the client's investment portfolio.

TBG has developed a range of advanced planning techniques built around financed life insurance products, supported by financial innovations that distinguish our services from those of competitors.


Best solutions

TBG addresses scenarios varying from compensation plans and salary continuation, succession funding, tax and estate planning, and philanthropy.

Integrated Capabilities

TBG clients enjoy the advantages of our integrated premium financed life insurance capabilities. We have made premium financed life insurance our primary focus for more than two decades.

Depth of Experience

TBG’s dedicated premium financed life insurance team has over 100 years of combined experience in finance, insurance, and legal aspects of premium financed insurance.

Our Specialized Services and Expertise