Client Profile

TBG's typical clients are high net worth individuals. The average client is 50-65 years old with a net worth of $40-60 million, with many clients worth more than a billion dollars. Further, a qualified individual will have a demonstrable need for large amounts of life insurance as part of their estate, charitable giving and/or business planning. TBG's clients finance these policies so that their cash flow and/or investments need not be interrupted or liquidated to fund the policy; the client's investment portfolio can continue to grow without interruption; and the client's estate is protected at death.

More particularly, the client insured must:

  • Be worth an absolute minimum of $10 million dollars and
  • Have an annual income of at least $500 thousand.
  • Have ample liquidity (or projected liquidity) to continue paying premiums if the deal collapses or to make interest payments at maturity.
  • Have a balance sheet substantiated by a public accountant or other qualified source.
  • Be acceptable to the Lender's Know Your Client requirements.
  • Meet all the underwriting criteria of the insurance company.

Steps Required to Initiate the Process:

  1. Provide signatures on initial forms (HIPAA form and insurance application.)
  2. Undergo a medical exam. (TBG will set this up at your convenience at no cost to you.)
  3. Provide requested financial information to establish net worth.
  4. Provide follow up information as needed for medical and financial underwriting.