Michael Schreiber, Chief Operating Officer

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

The Burgess Group worked with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights to build a highly customized philanthropic solution which served as the marque endowment tool during our 50th Anniversary year. The Burgess Group’s commitment to client service gave me the confidence and the capacity to engage the board, donors, and potential partners in the development and execution of a plan which required deep integration between our banking, insurance, and general operational practices. The end result exceeded expectations and helped make a good year into a great one.

David York, JD, CPA

Partner, York, Howell & Guyman

I have known Steve and his firm for more than a decade and have worked very closely with them for the past five years. As an Attorney and Certified Public Accountant working in the field of tax and estate planning, I am very familiar with many different insurance companies and agents. I have always found the Burgess Group to be incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. They bring a level of sophistication and understanding that I rarely see in the insurance industry. I have also been impressed with the fact that they are truly client centric and work towards achieving the clients’ overall objectives without being bent toward one particular solution. They are professional, hard-working and dedicated.

Dave Wilken

President, Global Atlantic

I have known Steve and Liz Burgess for over 20 years. In fact, Steve Burgess was the first agent to sell a product we explicitly created for premium financing in 2001. Since then, I have always appreciated the sophisticated and diligent capabilities of their organization. But more importantly, I have been impressed with the focus that they have had on the well being of the customers they serve.

Derek Welch, JD

Senior Director Advanced Markets, Nationwide Insurance

In all of my dealings with The Burgess Group, the level of professionalism has been second to none. I have had the pleasure of being welcomed to their office in Salt Lake City to get more acquainted with their entire group and spend time with Steve and Liz. They have also expended much of their own time and resources in coming to visit our offices here in Columbus to further acquaint themselves with the Nationwide family. Many of the cases we have worked on have been complicated with many moving parts with inevitable bumps in the road, all of which we have been able to work through in an efficient and respectful manner, whether the case eventually placed or it did not.

Michael N. Graham

Businessmen and former Chief of Staff for the Governor of the State of Utah

From a wide range of philanthropic and community endeavors — supporting all levels of the arts, involvement in various athletic and academic activities at the University of Utah — to their work in the business community in Salt Lake, to the highest level of recognition that they have received from their peers in their industry, and to the fact that they have built one of the more successful growing and profitable business in Utah, Steve and Liz Burgess have contributed significantly to the fabric of our city and State. Having had the privilege to be involved with them in some community activities, I have found their energy, passion, dedication, generosity and intelligence second to none and welcomed by all.

Michele Christiansen, JD

Appellate Court Judge

I have known Steve and Liz for many years and have interacted with them both professionally and personally in many different contexts. I know that the Burgesses are incredibly kind, generous, humble, and honest people and I have always been impressed with how easily they get along with others. I admire Steve and Liz’s dedication to their family and friends and how generous they are with their time and energy in making this world a better place.

Barbara Zimonja

President, H&R Investments

I have run multi-million dollar companies, the most recent with over 2,000 employees nationwide. The Burgesses [a]re the type of people that I would seek out for counsel and advice in my tough situations and know that the answers I received were the honest and smart approach to the issues.

Jeff Metcalf

Author and Client

It’s clear that Steve and Liz have a unique business acumen and they have created an atmosphere of respect and civility that is rare in their particular market. I’ve referred several clients to the Burgess Group during the course of my business relationship with them and have never had a single complaint.

Edwin and Katherine Gauld


Through the use of life insurance premium financing as specially designed by The Burgess Group, we have realized a significant increase in the value of our estate and the facilitation of charitable giving.

George Conniff

Client and Business Owner

The Burgess Group guided me through the process and structures required for the MEC plan I chose. They found the best lender and the best fit insurance companies. The law firm they retained was extremely efficient and competently drafted the required documents. They have also provided outstanding support since initial implementation.

Patrick E. King, JD

Partner, Intellectual Property Litigation Group, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Steve Burgess has achieved financial success in a variety of markets by scrutinizing complex financial transactions and seeing the inefficiencies and opportunities that others miss. But it may be less apparent to business associates what kind of person he is. In my opinion, his three sons provide the best evidence of Steve’s character. Nick, Alex and Zach are bright, charming and accomplished young men who respect and admire their father. The type of relationship that Steve has with each of his sons doesn’t just happen; it is the result of decades of attention and care, of compassionate discipline and trust, of tempering the high-expectations he holds for his children with patience and generosity. Steve brings this balance to his professional relationships as well. He demands excellence from himself and, in turn, expects excellence from others. But he is also generous and patient with the people he trusts and never loses sight of the objectives they share. In my professional experience, these are exactly the qualities you look for in a business partner.

Salvatore Gaglio

Trustee, Gaglio Trusts

My family and I have entrusted our estate planning to Steve Burgess and The Burgess Group for nearly 18 years. Steve and his staff have professionally outshined all other planners offering to provide similar services bu never being able to perform.

Lee Brower

Founder and Partner, Empowered Wealth

The Burgess Group continues to be the leader for innovative insurance-funded solutions for high-net-worth individuals, families and businesses. They have become a link for us as we work with successful families that own businesses and are looking for strategies that will optimize the succession of their business for generations to come.

Thomas C. King, M.D.

Client and Jose M. Ferrer, Jr. Professor Emeritus, College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University

Because of Steve's knowledge of the field, his honesty, and his enthusiasm in attending to the details of my personal account, I am eager to recommend the Burgess Group to anyone seeking to clarify and protect their financial assets.

Steven E, Sims

Former President, WRM America

The firm’s value goes beyond the transaction. Their expertise and practical advice is second to none. The Burgess Group’s wealth creation and transfer techniques have surpassed and replaced many national competitors for a number of family estates and friend’s estates. I am always amazed by Steve's innovations and creativity. He consequently finds the best solutions for even the most challenging cases. I highly recommend them.

Patrick J. Weschler, Esq.

Partner Trusts & Estates Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP Akron, Ohio

The Burgess Group combines technical expertise and market experience in a potent and effective mix. Steve Burgess and his team deploy their extensive knowledge of the insurance and financing fields in a manner that raises to a new level the results they achieve for their clients.

Charles Hollander, Jr.

Former Board of Director of the Forum 400 </br>Forum 400 is a leading consortium of the country’s most elite life insurance advisors to business ownersand ultra affluent families.

Steve Burgess can be considered one of the grandfathers to premium finance; he is a black belt in this space. Steve’s company has advised more ultra affluent families on how to properly procure and finance large long-term insurance solutions than anyone else in the country.

Charlie Wood

Former Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Columbus Life Insurance Company Cincinnati, Ohio

The financial and insurance services Steve Burgess and The Burgess Group provide to their affluent clientele are innovative and personalized. Columbus Life is proud to be associated with Steve and his firm as a part of their portfolio of highly rated life insurance carriers.